1963 Buick Riviera

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The Buick Riviera is a personal luxury car produced 1963 to 1999. GM's first entry into that prestige niche, the Riviera was highly praised by automotive journalists upon its high-profile debut. While early models stayed close to the original form, eight subsequent generations varied substantially over the Riviera's thirty-year lifespan. The crisply styled, ground-up design that debuted 1963 was Buick's first unique Riviera model, and pioneered the GM E platform. The Riviera's suspension used Buick's standard design, with double wishbones up front and a live axle located by trailing arms and a lateral track bar in the rear, but the roll centres were raised to reduce body lean. Although its coil springs were actually slightly softer than other Buicks, the Riviera's lighter weight made its ride somewhat firmer. While still biased towards understeer, contemporary testers considered it one of the most driveable American cars, with an excellent balance of comfort and agility.

The car we have on offer is a Silver Cloud finish with Deluxe Red hide and Walnut trim. The engine is the 445 Wildcat option coupled to a Dynaflow automatic gearbox with cruise control function. This ‘gentleman’s muscle car’ comes with air conditioning, power windows, Wonder bar radio with rear speaker, cornering lights, tinted glass and whitewall tyres.

THE 1963 Buick Riviera spec

  • Silver Cloud
  • SOLD
  • 1963
  • 2 door saloon
  • 7000
  • Petrol
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