Ferrari Enzo

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This UK supplied Enzo we believe is the last to be delivered to the UK from new (and one of only three delivered in Black, carrying a premium for the rarity of its colour), with an odometer reading of 2,173 miles, a black interior, large seats, racing harnesses, black calipers, Scuderia wing shields, hand books and tool kit. This car also benefits from its Ferrari Classiche Certification which provides the owner with a document attesting to the authenticity of the vehicle. During the certification process the car underwent rigorous examination by a group of experts from Ferrari Classiche. This car was last serviced by Ferrari at 2,174 miles.

When future historians and collectors reflect upon what car best defined the early 21st century, the Ferrari Enzo will certainly be high up on the list. The coachwork was done by Pininfarina, with a request from Ferrari to 'do something special.' This is the only model of Ferrari to carry the name of the company founder. The Ferrari Enzo has succeeded in increasing extreme grip levels in fast bends while maintaining a very high top speed.

THE Ferrari Enzo spec

  • Black
  • SOLD
  • 2005
  • Coupe
  • 5,999cc
  • Petrol
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