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The Aston Martin DB3 S was developed by Aston Martin from their DB3, and was first raced in 1954. With an engine of 2922cc, a very effective chassis design and a beautiful alloy body by Frank Feeley (Aston`s in house designer), the DB3 S is a stunning car, taking on the might of Jaguar and Ferrari to good effect.

In May 1955, five production DB3S's were delivered to their owners. On the 5th May, chassis No. DB3S/103 (then registered OXE 473) was the first of the three cars to be delivered to its new owner, Tom Sulman. In 1962 No.103 was sold to Ron Thorp of New South Wales who raced it for 18 months before selling it on to Allan Puckett, who carried out a complete rebuild and then competed with the car in two events in Adelaide. Roger Layton bought the DB3S in 1967 and kept it for almost 20 years, sometimes using the car as his everyday transport. In late 1985 Mike Sheenan of European Auto sales in California bought the car and sold it to Frank Sytner. After having the gearbox rebuilt by Jack Moss and the body refurbished by his own company, No.103 was re-registered as DSU 389 and competed in the 1988 Historic Sports Car series by Frank Sytner.

In 1991, Frank sold the DB3S/103 to Tony Smith who in turn sold it to Jeffery Pattinson of Coys. Now registered 37 FLY, it was sold to E. Battista of Mexico City before finding its way back to Europe. It went into the collection of Dave Richards, head of the BAR F1 team and Prodrive Rallying, before being added to Mr Loughran’s collection in 2002.

THE Aston Martin DB3S spec

  • Green
  • SOLD
  • 1955
  • Open two seater
  • 2922cc
  • Petrol
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